Things and possessions,

Surrounding my bed.

Do they make who I am?

Or is it all in my head?

If I just had some cloth,

To cover my skin,

Would the people around me,

Know the real me within?

Time to declutter,

Get rid of the “stuff”,

These possessions don’t make me,

Enough is enough.

Rethinking my image,

I’ll show who I am,

With simply myself,

The basics of “man”.

Show love and true kindness,

Take time to care.

It’s my actions that make me,

Not money or wares.

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The Awesome Blue

Such wonder and awe,

As I stare out to sea.

The vast blue ocean,

Is waving at me.

Like an ancestor, strong,

With stories of old.

Holding creatures, adventures,

To be found, to be told.

It looms, it sways,

Such a heavy abyss.

With power to break you,

Or to gently caress.

From the depths of destruction,

To the soft sandy shores.

A mysterious monster,

That is mine and is yours.

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Waiting For Healing

So tired,


From not doing much.

I’ve sat,

And I’ve rested,

Sleep is my crutch.

I try

To repair,

But it’s taking so long!

I must wait,

And have patience,

To rush healing is wrong.

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Feeling Peace

The sound of the sea caressing my ears,

A gentle breeze is taking my fears.

All that matters is here and now,

The stress of the world retires with a bow.



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I’ve got such a burning feeling,

I want to share with you.

It’s totally consumed my heart,

Oh if you only knew.


He came across my path one day,

I’ve never looked back since.

I know that this is meant to be,

It’s no coincidence.


I must declare it to the world,

How happy this man makes me.

We’re so connected, on a level,

I really feel he’s saved me.



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Magnetic Love

My heart calls out to you whenever you’re near,
It yearns, it aches, your call it can hear.

Like a magnet, it pulls me, closer to you,
Reliving this feeling, each time anew.

I spot you, connected, love floods my chest,
Our eyes bring a smile, our hearts do the rest.

As soon as you hold me, I melt in your arms,
Together once more, so peaceful and calm.

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I Wonder

I wonder if you can feel the aching of my heart just by looking into my eyes… I may never know.

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Unending Grace

Your patience and unending grace,

A blessing from above.

I know one day I’ll see your face,

Lookup and feel His love.


When you’re feeling sad and low,

No feeling but despair.

God’s support will help you grow,

Unending grace and care.


When tears are falling one by one,

And you cannot see an end.

Let the Holy Spirit come,

For you He will defend.


Feel His arms, they hold you close,

Safely wrapped in love.

Unending grace, for you He chose,

To care for from above.

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Just to spend my time with you,

Is all I seem to want to do. 

But I’m trying to take this at your pace,

Something that I have to face. 

I just want all your passion and trust,

I want to give in to this lust. 

Feel your hands upon my skin,

Feel that tingle deep within. 

Senses on my skin aroused,

I cannot keep this feeling housed. 

Kiss me, hold me, take control,

Fill the need within my soul.

Despite all this that’s in my head,

Still I go alone to bed. 

My heart is brimming with love for you,

I’m wondering if you feel it too.

If not, at least I know my heart,

Can love again despite the past.


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Distant Love

Plans are made

Dreams are shared.

But distance leaves

Reality impaired.
Help me make

This dream come true.

I long to spend

My days with you.
So hard to hold on

It doesn’t seem real

I need your touch

Your skin to feel.
What a test

It hurts my heart.

Dreams of forever

And not apart.
With tears in my eyes

I long for you.

But for now your virtual

Love will do.

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