I Wonder

I wonder if you can feel the aching of my heart just by looking into my eyes… I may never know.

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Unending Grace

Your patience and unending grace,

A blessing from above.

I know one day I’ll see your face,

Lookup and feel His love.


When you’re feeling sad and low,

No feeling but despair.

God’s support will help you grow,

Unending grace and care.


When tears are falling one by one,

And you cannot see an end.

Let the Holy Spirit come,

For you He will defend.


Feel His arms, they hold you close,

Safely wrapped in love.

Unending grace, for you He chose,

To care for from above.

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Just to spend my time with you,

Is all I seem to want to do. 

But I’m trying to take this at your pace,

Something that I have to face. 

I just want all your passion and trust,

I want to give in to this lust. 

Feel your hands upon my skin,

Feel that tingle deep within. 

Senses on my skin aroused,

I cannot keep this feeling housed. 

Kiss me, hold me, take control,

Fill the need within my soul.

Despite all this that’s in my head,

Still I go alone to bed. 

My heart is brimming with love for you,

I’m wondering if you feel it too.

If not, at least I know my heart,

Can love again despite the past.


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Distant Love

Plans are made

Dreams are shared.

But distance leaves

Reality impaired.
Help me make

This dream come true.

I long to spend

My days with you.
So hard to hold on

It doesn’t seem real

I need your touch

Your skin to feel.
What a test

It hurts my heart.

Dreams of forever

And not apart.
With tears in my eyes

I long for you.

But for now your virtual

Love will do.

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Lost in confusion
Holding on to belief
Which path’s the right one?
Where’s the relief?

Love can be heartache
Or beauty so bright
Right now it feels heavy
I want fluffy and light.

Give me the sunshine
Burn bright in my heart
Where time just feels endless
And we’re never apart.

But now it feels cloudy
Like there is no end
To this battle within me
My heart needs to mend. 

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It’s a journey,


No two are the same.


Or limitless,

There’s only you to blame.
For the choices,

Which we’re given,

Presented right before us.

The left fork,

Or the right one,

Two very different life paths.
This fabric,

That we weave,

Is made of many colours.

Make it bright,

Make it bold,

Don’t be envious of others.
Time is yours,

Use it wisely,

Go and seize the day.

Work with love,

Live with passion,

Spread your smiles along the way.

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As silent as a ninja,

And yet you do not hide.

You drift into our battered world,

So softly do you glide.
In swarms you travel earthbound,

You never come alone. 

Making all things beautiful,

You build your crystal throne. 
With everything enveloped,

A peaceful world of white. 

Your mission here successful,

Bringing wonder and delight. 
Children get excited,

Revelling in the fun. 

Adults on the other hand,

Are looking rather glum. 
But find your inner child,

Your rosy cheeks aglow. 

Have some fun and mess about,

And let the laughter flow. 

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Touch of Love

I miss that warmth,

The touch of love. 

To be wrapped in your arms,

Like a hand in a glove. 
Asleep by my side,

No longer alone. 

A sense of belonging,

A place to call home. 
Peace in my heart,

One day I will find.

For now I will wait,

With you on my mind.

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Shades of Grey

It’s very black and white until you do it yourself…

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Waiting for You

I will wait for you.

I wasn’t looking,
I was quite content,
Then along you came
And my mind was bent.

Confused, elated,
My heart skipped a beat.
Come on let’s face it,
Admit defeat.

Your ways and manner,
It makes me melt.
My heart turns to mush,
If you knew how I felt.

All my life I’ve been searching,
Settling too fast.
Waiting for you,
Saving the best for last.

I fell for you hard,
My appetite lost.
On my mind all the time,
My heart paying the cost.

Now I’ll wait and be patient,
As your love means too much.
Let’s build love upon friendship,
A foundation of trust.

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