Letter To Anon

I resent you in the fullest,
I know you’re slightly mad,
But just ’cause you’re funny in the head,
It doesn’t make you bad.

Something overtakes you,
Something in your brain,
It turns you into a different person,
You’re really not the same.

But you see this does effect me,
Your words make my heart sore,
Are you trying to repeat history?
It’s no wonder we don’t talk anymore.

I understand your anger,
Just don’t take it out on us,
We’re trying to be here for you,
Don’t create and make a fuss.

You’ve told us as a child,
Stupid was how you felt,
Knowing this, I don’t understand,
Why you make us feel it as well?

We are not the people,
Who trod your spirit down,
So lower your barriers and let us in,
Bring your joy around!

Just one last thing to say,
It’s okay to be wrong,
It doesn’t mean you’re stupid,
Just human after all.


About katieearnshaw

Well I thought I would update my profile. Time to know a little more about me... I have been writing poems since I was quite young. Things would happen in my life and the best way I found to express my feelings was through the art of poetry. So much can be said in such a unique way. A way that is so unique that it has never been written in that way before. Growing up there were many experiences which encouraged me to write, loss, love and laughter to mention just a few. It wasn't until this year that I decided to start a blog. The positive response I receive from my poems is humbling and exciting and spurs me on to write about more of my experiences. Ultimately I want to publish my first book. In another part of my blog, I'm sharing my life experiences. The ups and downs of life can be fantastic and horrible all in one go. I want to help myself heal and help others realise they aren't alone in their suffering. Thank you for stopping by :-)
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